my short biography


- Photography that holds up. This business represents my passion to serve others. When I take photos for you or your organization, it's not the fact that I need to make a living that keeps me putting my best foot forward, it's because I want people like you to have images that make you or your activity look their best. My favorite work to do is photograph weddings.

I believe one's wedding should be the joyous celebration for everyone involved and being a part of that special day is a privilege. I know you can open up your social media and get a dozen photography referrals, but it's because of my consistency that keeps people coming back. It's a blessing to be able to work with individuals and families that keep growing right in front of my lens. I want to share my gifts with you and your family as well.

- Pursuing a passion. Although I began taking pictures with my own camera at an early age, I grew up with rolls of undeveloped film in my sock drawer. We didn't have the money to constantly be developing film, so it wasn't until high school and college that I could really start using a camera with more sincere intent.

As with many photographers, I started off with safe subjects like flowers and landscapes. I remember a childhood family trip to Yellowstone where I spent a whole roll on Old Faithful as It kept spouting and seemed to go taller after each frame. I had to capture the moment of its apex.

It family that helped me discover my real talent in bringing forth people's best looks. Even people that aren't often photographed or ones with this picture aversion, are often beyond happy with the photos I take of them. How can I say it without being bragadocious? I can't! I take awesome photos of people!

-Contribute your vision. I've noticed through the years that some photographers are obsessed with only their own ideas or vision being brought into frame. When I take your pictures though, your ideas are always welcome. I keep this perspective: I don't use people as subjects in my photographs, I serve one's photographic needs. I take photos that please myself, but with your satisfaction as my end-goal in mind. Let's brainstorm and execute a session.

Your photos are for you and I shoot for enough variety that provides something everyone can love. I don't assume you like only one style, I assume you want lots of photos that make you, your loved ones, or your events look awesome.